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birthday party # dos

i went to my friend’s birthday party on sunday. you think i might have learned something from my last birthday party. good news! no burnt pizza lady. that increased the chance of success.

my friend had five grandchildren running around, all under 4 years old. when I arrived, I saw two sisters watching a movie on an ipad. as kids of that age often do, they found something else to do and went off.

later, I found myself standing near the ipad and one of the grandchildren seemed to want to watch a video. i turned the ipad on, only to be waylaid by a security entry screen. i went inside to get the security code.

i talked to cindy, the person who I thought owned the ipad, and asked for the security code. a voice came from another part of the room, “that’s my ipad and no you can not have the security code. I thought nothing of it and started to walk away.  as i did, cindy said, “you don’t have to yell at him.” i had a second thought; i thought the comment maybe seemed sharp, not a yell, though. I thought nothing more of it and moved on.

later, as i reviewed the day, I realized cindy, a person that I have met two times before, had stood up for me. as i thought about that, i found that to be pretty cool. monday morning, I sent a text to cindy expressing my appreciation ant thanks for having my back.

i contrast the two parties; they both had one pivotal line delivered by one person. the comparison ends there. at the first party, someone tried to defend the pivotal line, ending in turmoil and feeling unheard. at the second party, someone stood up for me and called someone on their marginal behavior ending in feeling of worthy. i bet you can guess which results I found to be more favorable and up lifting.

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