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blue boat getting away?

driving miss daisy

my friend had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks ago
she still is not driving
i offered to drive her to an appointment
i decided to dress up

remember the movie, driving miss daisy?
remember the chauffeur, holk colburn? played my morgan freeman?
i decided to dress up like him, or as close as i could on short notice.
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decades had a mary tyler moore binge this weekend. i’m sure everyone can at least muble along with the lyrics. but then there are the lyrics for the opening season. they weren’t the normal upbeat lyrics that we’ve come to know. the lyrics start with, “how will you make it on your own?” and ends with, “you might just make it after all.” the season 1 theme is filled with downers and doubt.  her are the lyrics for season 1 and beyond for those what to see the complete difference. 

dental crash

i have a long and not so illustrious history with the field of dentistry. the first dentist would drill through the pain. The second believed in shame based dentistry. The third was my only saving grace. The fourth ripped the dental damn out of my mouth with the look of frustration on his face because i was unable communicate through the damn with a partial numb tongue.

1 for 4, that barely keeps me in the big leagues. hopefully, that explains while it has been twenty years since i last saw a dentist. Continue reading

clouds rolling by…

A Prayer for a Divided Nation

yes, we appear to live in bleak times where man stands against man, women against women. we wonder how we’ll ever get through it. the rhetorical words from each side seems to be coming fast and furious, as if there are spitting fire. it is easy to see doubt, to have dispair. Many people, for health reasons, like me have no choice to put on our blinders or anxiety will take us. the amount i’ve written so far has kicked up the anxiety, yet again.

i must live with hope and walk by faith that peace will return. there is a saying those who don’t learn from him story are doomed to repeat it. i say bring it on.

Let us not forget in our country’s history that father has taken up arms against son and brother against brother, once in my life time. remember 3 score and 3 years ago, the civil rights protest? i choose that word as oppose to riots because all people are created equal. seperate but equal just doesn’t count. yet we made it through and the nation began to heal. the peace, however uneasy and the results far from perfect, and some people still battle long after the protests have ended.

let us not forget that fathers took up arms against sons, brothers against brothers just 7 score and 16 years ago, in a great civil war. it even got to the point that a group of states seceded from the nation. after many years and thousands of lives lost, the nation slowly began to heal. we made it through. the return to peace was uneasy and far from perfect, and some people still seem to be fighting the battles long after the war has ended.

for the first time in our nation’s history, the divide is not about race, but this time more about class, rich against poor. i find it ironic the man chosen to heal this divide by the populate is one of the riches men alive.

my hope is like the two times before in our history, we will make it through, and the nation will slowly begin to heal. that there will be a return to peace, however uneasy. it is inevitable, like the two times before there will be people who fight long after the battles have ended.

that’s my hope, that we make it through like the two times before us. that’s where my faith is, however misguided, that we can return to peace, however uneasy and with results far from perfect.

Father, my heart grieves for our country. You tell us that any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a housedivided against itself will fall(Luke 11:17). Our country is so divided, and it pains me to think of our nation falling. But I know we cannot stand without you at the center.

We know we must honor you, recognize you as Lord and Savior. We must acknowledge our sins and failures. We must be willing to surrender to you, to follow the plans you have for us. As a whole, our country has fallen away, turned our backs on you.

But, for the sake of the faithful remnant, we call on you to be merciful to us. You know there are those who continue to choose you, who continue to seek your face. You know there are faithful ones who desire to honor you, to…

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