as i sit here stewing about wanting more followers, more likes, more of everything. i realized that i needed to clarify, at least for myself, why i do what i do.

as a long time sufferer of episodic depression, I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. this blog will give me an opportunity to write about my journey through my bipolar jungle.

secondly, i hope my journey can help other people, that i can be an inspiration, impart some knowledge, or offer some tidbit of wisdom that will make a difference in someone’s journey, if only for a moment.

Learn more about bipolar disorder or mental disorders at the nami.org website.


14 thoughts on “About

  1. The Manic Knitter

    I am going through the same struggle…some days the path looks clearer, today the path is blocked and I am tangled in the undergrowth.. Glad to meet you on here:)

  2. teanami

    Oh my LORD I just really took a good look at your picture with your dogs. I LOVE YOUR DOGS. Super ADORABLE gahhh! °(☌0☌)°


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