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another view of the tatoosh range

two types of compliments

i’ve noticed in my travels two types of complements, the implicit and explicit compliment. when someone compliments something that you have done, they have delivered an implicit compliment. when someone offers a compliment about you they have delivered an explicit complement. let’s view some examples. Continue reading

to take or not to take

this week, i have had a question of my own mortality rolling around in my head. no, not i plan to find a tall bridge, more of a long term outlook. ya see, i had my annual physical this week and my cholesterol came back high. being a good modern doctor, she pushed statin drugs. do i take them or not? the question arises, why?

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return from lake 22


while at the birthday party, i headed to the back yard to eat dinner. i wanted to quiet my quickly moving mind. inspired by my friend shrewed up, i mindfully ate some of my dinner. my mind raced too fast to make it through the whole meal. here, i describe in-depth the eating of a piece of pineapple.
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fall on the way to kendall catwalk

birthday party

i went to my friend’s 40th birthday. everyone gathered in the kitchen. one person talked at a yelling level. my friend’s husband normally talks at a half a yelling level. with those two talking loudly everyone had to raise their level to be heard. on top of that, three conversations carried on at the same time. man, it got loud. i could feel my anxiety start to climb to uncomfortable levels.

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