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dragon loyalty award

imagethanks to my friend shrewed up for giving me the dragon loyalty award.

What is The Dragon’s Loyalty Award?

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award is an award for the loyal follower/commenter/fan, whether the recipient is a fellow blogger or a blog-free someone who follows and comments regularly.

The rules for this award are:

° Put the logo on your post
° Thank the blogger who nominated you
° Share 5 facts about yourself
° Nominate 5-10 bloggers

Five facts about me

  1. i still have my favorite stuffed animal that I got when I was four. he’s really beat, but he’s my friend. he is a tiger and his name is woarie. (imagine a four year old saying roarie.)
  2. i have tens of thousands of baseball cards.
  3. i played one the children in our high school production of oliver. oh, btw, i went to a catholic high school. we did a scene as teaser at an assembly. one on soloers forgot his line and instead said, “oh, shit! what’s my line!” our director, a nun, came on stage after the scene and said, “not all, the word you heard are actually part of the play.”
  4. I am writing a book aimed at the supporter of depression using my and your experiences to help us get better support.
  5. i’ve got the two coolest dogs in the world!

a photo of our two dogs, jimmy & sherlock

My Nominations for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award:


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a little bird sitting on a branch

the purpose of frustration

introduction: this is a post in a series exploring the purpose of different emotions. the movie inside out laid out the idea, along wit scientific backing, that all emotions have a purpose. I take it a step further by saying that until the purpose of the emotion is fulfilled, the emotion of the situation will continue to exhort power. For example, if someone treats you unfairly, you are likely to feel angry. Until the purpose of the anger, fairness, is fulfilled, there will be little chance for you to completely move beyond the anger you experienced.

I was trying to work on my book the other day. the key word was trying. try as i may, i could not motivate myself to form a single word for my book. Forming words towards other endeavors, such as blog post and replies flowed easily, but words for the book remained damned. i reached a point of great frustration; why could i string words together for everything but my book?

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raise your hand if your sure

Emotional validation is something we all seek and crave far more than we realize. When we are upset, angry, frustrated, disappointed or hurt, our tendency is to want to discuss our feelings with others so we can get it off our chest.

However, getting things off our chest by telling others about our feelings is not always satisfying or cathartic. If the person to whom we vent simply looks at us and shrugs or responds by giving us advice or by telling us what we did wrong, we won’t feel any better and we will probably feel worse after speaking with them.

phycology today

return from lake 22

tolerating our dark emotions

i continue to sing the praises of the pixar movie, inside out. i have made so many fruitful discoveries since i saw the movie. it has been a powerful and learning process for me since seeing the movie.

for those of you who don’t know, inside out is about the emotions living inside the head of an eleven year old and how those responses color her world. i still shake my head in amazement that a supposed “kids” movie could do such and excellent treatment of emotions and emotional responses.

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red barn

weird- no, strange

today, i’m going to a bar-b-que — and i’m gut tingling excited about it. let me set the mood. the bar-b-que will happen at someone’s house that i’ve only met once. there’ll will be a grand total of five people there that i’ve ever talked to. ya know, i’m not painting enough of picture here. let me back up.

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rock in the water


a number of weeks back, screwed up and kitt introduced me to a kelly mongolical tedtalk on making stress your friend. someone makes stress their friend by accepting they are stressed, recognizing what is going on in their body and moving on. when done correctly, stress, the freight train that often times runs me over, woshes by. I talked about making stress your friend here and here.

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