universal lithium shortage??

did you know the universe is currently experiencing a lithium shortage? to explain why we have to go back to the big bang.

P6263766when the big bang happened, hydrogen and helium were the only elements that were formed. all the other heavier elements had to be formed by lighter elements in dying stars. beryllium is the next heavier element after lithium. scientists can calculate the amount of beryllium in the universe. since beryllium requires lithium for its formation if there is so much beryllium then there would be an expected amount of lithium. the problem is there is from 1/5 to 1/2 less of the expected amount of lithium.

now, don’t go thinking you have to hoard lithium supplies, this is more of a problem that drives astrophysicists to wonder four hours, hours, hours. and hours trying to explain the deficiency. they haven’t figured it out yet but it could be a contributing factor to why the universe is expanding 9% faster than expected

so, there is plenty of lithium on planet earth for you, for me, and everyone for centuries to come even without mining the lithium on the moon or mars.

there, a little science lesson to go with your quests for lithium.

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