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getting started

recently, i got diagnosed with bipolar depression. it actually feels like a little bit of a victory. you see, i have been struggling with episodic depression for some 12 years.

it started innocently enough with a season of sad, seasonal affective disorder, followed by another season. or was it two? they all blend together. then i broke loose of those surly bounds and started having episodes any time of the year.

it has got to be about 10 episodes now. episodes for me can last from 4 to 6 months.

the feeling of victory comes from being treated for the wrong thing for years. there is a new–found hope that being treated for the right thing might lead to better results. perhaps i can finally have some freedom from this gloom, this fog, that has visited far too frequently.

my posts at bipolarsojourner.wordpress.com will be a place for me to recollect and write about my journey. I hope you join me.

4 thoughts on “getting started

  1. Lauren

    Being properly diagnosed is definitely a victory. I was also misdiagnosed with ‘just’ having anxiety and depression. This is the first step toward getting real help.

    Did you ever use a light therapy lamp for SAD? I was playing with the idea of getting one, though, I’m not sure if it would be effective on bipolar depression.

    I wish you well on your journey!

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      i have tried light therapy and also have a “sunrise alarm”. i used them with my sad episodes. i guess those fell out of favor with me when my depressions became more episodic is nature.

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