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my wife’s mri results


i wanted you to know that my wife got back some results back from an mri last night and there is at least some cause for concern. not much is known right now, but this is what I know.

my wife has a mass about 1x1x2 near her knee. it was found by an astute pt. the mass is “suspicious” in nature. it could be what is called a liposarcoma or cancer contained with a fatty mass.

we are, no doubt, scared but hopeful. my wife’s sister had something very similar and it ended up to be a mass of baby fat. thankfully my wife sleeps peacefully next to me as i tap this out about 5:30 am, tuesday morning.

a needle biopsy is next and currently not scheduled since we got the results about 8:00 pm monday night. i will update you when there is more news.

keep us in your thoughts and prayers,


7 thoughts on “my wife’s mri results

  1. sklawlor

    Hi there. I hope that the results will be favorable, cancer is a very scary thing and even the mention of it can cause great anxiety and stress. Please keep us informed.

  2. luthienthegreen

    Hi. Very sorry to hear this. It’s must be a very difficult time. I can’t imagine what you must be going through. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you 🤞

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