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i’m beginning to not like that woman


harken back to my friend’s 40th birthday.. my friend’s mom made some snide uneducated comment about me being on my ipad.

tonight, she pushed the envelope yet again. we went to our friend’s as her daughters had a dance recital today. my friend”s mom is retired enough that she can come over for events like this.

as we sat around a table, i used my ipad to browse this, that or the other think. actually, her presence winds me up somewhat and makes me hide behind my ipad even more. she then said,”was is, yea, i think it was einstein who said the first generation of people raised on electronics would be the first generations of idiots.”

wtf?? back in the day, computers ran in big rooms and no one had any idea of the miniaturization that lay ahead. i mean, your smartphone has six times the power of the computers that they used for the apollo missions and filled multiple rooms. additionally, in einstein’s time, i’m pretty sure they were primarily called computers, not electronics.

i talked to Mary about the comment afterwards. she agreed of the dig like nature of the statement. b-rhymes with itch. wait, wait, remember, make stress my friend. sigh. that woman. maybe the next time i go, i’ll make sure she’s not going to be there. it’ll be better off if i did.

8 thoughts on “i’m beginning to not like that woman

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      maybe we could coordinate your trip to the pacific nw with one of hers, or maybe I can get her address to you and you could go to the land of potatoes and set her straight.

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