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in thanksgiving

i am thankful for words.words help me to get my crazy and also the practically sane thoughts out of why head. that is good. the crazy thoughts can hold me prisoner in my own mind while releasing the more sane thoughts might be an aid to other people in their own journey.

the following exchange still boggles my mind and happens more frequently than I would have ever expected.. i’ll read something i wrote and hear, “you wrote that?” i’ll answer, “yea.” then I’ll hear, “wow.” never, in my life, would I have ever expected a response like that.

besides words, I am thankful for every time you read my works, like or comment on. it gives me a similar rush to the exchange outlined above. that rush inspires me to keep writing, to keep putting my thoughts down in pixels. that continues to aid me to get both the thoughts that trouble me and the thoughts that i think are enlightening out of my head. that is a good place.

i guess that’s just a long winded way of saying i am thankful for my new found gift of words, for the good it does me, to the people i touch, and people like you who encourage me to keep going.