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purple berries…

oh the insanity

I live not far from marysville-pillchuck. you may be racking your brain, why does that name sound familiar? about a year ago, a teenager took his own live after taking the lives of 5 of his friends. he wanted his friends to go with him.

that’s not the insanity. this is. take a look at the dots.

just ten dots, so what? those ten dots represent the school shootings that have happened since mp, in the last year; orange dots-colleges, blue dots-high schools, green dots-elementary.

i imagine i’m a pretty normal person in society. i am outraged as yet another school shooting blares from the headlines. they scream for my attention, but they soon fade. i find it sad that of the ten dots, I only truly remember the last one. i, like many members of society have had our senses dulled by the all too common events.

sometimes insanity gets defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. seeing these school shootings as a body of work points to the insanity. roughly a monthly bases, for the last year there has been yet another school shooting. insanity. when are we going to recognize that what we are doing just isn’t working?