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another view of the tatoosh range

that’s our problem-we’re big brained

i read and article in the daily mail recently and new research shows a strong correlation between depression and big brains. pretty interesting if you ask me.

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clouds rolling by…

depression is like a bowl of ice cream

(the opinions expressed here are mine and strictly mine. they come from my years of observation and do not have any scientific bases. take what you want.)

have you ever noticed the many flavors of ice cream? even sticking to the basics, you can have vanilla, chocolate and even strawberry. these three flavors represent 75% of the ice cream consumed. or perhaps these flavors can even get mixed together, like in the good old standby, neapolitan. that way someone can have a little of each flavor.

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getting a divorce (humor)

today, i told my good friend that my my brain and i are not getting along. i’m left with no choice but to file for divorce from my brain.

they replied, and i quote, “when you divorce your brain, make sure the bitch pays you alimony for all the shit it put you though :)”