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reflections off the water

messing up pizza or how i feel emotions deeply and what that means

i took charge of pizzas at a friends house this weekend. we had three pizzas and i figured i’d save a little time by cooking them at the same time and just add a few minutes. final score, 1 pizza burnt, 2 quasi-raw. who knew where the night would go from there.

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a blessing and a curse 

through my many years of life and cycles of depression, i have a pretty good grasp on my emotions and feelings. for instance, i can physically recognize five different emotions; furrowed brow-confusion, tight jaw-anger, pursed lips-sadness, tight shoulders-stress, and tight gut- fear. at times that is helpful because the recognition of the physical reaction reminds me of current distressful happenings. on a side note, it sucks to have anger and sadness so close together. there are times i am working through a situation and i can switch between the two emotions on a minute by minute bases.

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