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a selfie

they just did a study in england. the results show that women from the age of 16-25 spend 5 hours a week taking selfies .

warning:dating myself-i don’t I’ve spend 5 minutes in my life taking selfies.

know your math

a brief recap to an article i found in yesterday’s newspaper…

before a prearranged wedding in india, the bride asked the groom to add fifteen and six. he replied seventeen. the wedding got called off.

as if i need further evidence to my introverted nature…

Mary and i are going to a dog show today. she came to me with an excited lilt in her voice,”toni, jenn, linda, tammi, and us all together. that will be soo fun!”

I would not choose the word fun to describe that group together. i can take any and each of these people individually, but the thought of all of us together makes me want to go hide in the corner and have Mary tell me when it’s over.

getting a divorce (humor)

today, i told my good friend that my my brain and i are not getting along. i’m left with no choice but to file for divorce from my brain.

they replied, and i quote, “when you divorce your brain, make sure the bitch pays you alimony for all the shit it put you though :)”