purple berries…

i went to my dermatoigist

i spent the usual and customary 15 minutes in the front waiting room. the nurse came and got me. the walk to the exam was a long and winding walk. good thing they had cheese in the examine room, otherwise we mice would have never found it.

next, i had 2 or 3 minutes with the nurse. she asked the standard nurse type questions. she asked to see my neoplasm of uncertain behavior, or as i call it, noub. i showed it to her. she asked if i wanted a gown. i passed. off she went and i waited for the doctor.

The doctor arrived and we spent the first thirty seconds talking about my vibram five fingers shoes. the vibrams are almost always a a point of discussion. i had to wear them once as my formal shoes on a cruise. i forgot my formal shoes.

the doctor asked to see the noub. i hopped on the table and pulled up my shirt. while asking me how long i had the noub, he grabbed and antiseptic wipe. i told him as the wipe went across the back. he showed me the wipe and the noub. this will we anticlimactic. the noub ended up to be a scab. done in under 60 seconds and that’s with 30 seconds talking about my shoes.

don’t you hate when there’s a bunch of worry for no good reason at all?

8 thoughts on “i went to my dermatoigist

  1. swanyriver

    I am so glad it was a scab!!! And yes I have worried over a million things that turned out to be small things after all. But, I love your shoes!!! Are they comfy? ☺

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      i love them. i’ve worn them almost non-stop for 7 years. i’ve even worn them on a 17 mile overnight hike. i only weanie out if it is puddly weather. the shoes get wet then the feet get wet then cold. and they are wet and cold the rest of the day.

      if someone doesn’t like the thong post between their toes, they might these since there are 4 toe gaps on each shoe. i say that cautiously since i hated the tong post but love these.


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