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friendship-a special kind of love

as i often do, when i see a new reader like or comment about one of my posts, i go read some of their work. having gotten a like from silent amour. i checked out one of her post. in regrets. she states, “they say that if you truly love someone, you can never really unlove them.”

that lead to another’s other post, why everyone should have a stupid friend? after reading the two posts, it dawned on me the parallel between love and friendship. the above statement based on friendship becomes, “they say that if you truly befriend someone, you can never really unfriend them.”

the parallels don’t stop there. as i reread , regrets, i saw how easy it was to replace all the instances of love with friendship and it still made perfect sense.

to make the small leap from there, friendship is a special kind of love. as i write this post, faces of friendships long since past flashed through my mind. maybe those signaled friendships not meant to be because no real friendship ever existed. i hold out the hope that the remembrance of those faces, those friends, don’t represent and end but an ember, a new beginning. with the right kindling, the right puff of air, and gentle care, that friendship can once again be a roaring fire.

do you have any embers in the from of friendships where you’d like to restoke the fire? you know who they are; they are the faces of friends that flashed through your mind as you read this. i hope you find the care to rekindle at least one of those friendships. though the friendships may have seemingly faded, their remembrance signifies their importance to you.

1 thought on “friendship-a special kind of love

  1. silentarmour🖋

    Thanks alot Sir! I completely agree with you. If you have good friends you can easily come out of bad experiences of love, life or any obstacle of life. 😊 That’s what I truly believe in. 😊


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