purple berries…

in tears

not sad tears, mind you but happy tears.

my friend texted me the other afternoon and asked me if i was going to support group that night. i told her yes and she replied, ” good i needed to see you.”  my immediate thought went to i had done something wrong. She reassured me i had done nothing wrong. then, i received the following.

you are a pillar in my life. like it or not.

i see this person maybe weekly in groups, been to a couple of game nights with her and had her over for dinner once as part of a congomerate group. i wondered if not doubted the impact i had on her.

i am both blown away and honored to be part of her life architecture. the tears flow for two reasons; i sell myself short all too often and someone sees the life i live as an important part of their model if and well being, something to strive for.

thankfully, this isn’t a burden, afraid if i fall short her life structure will crumble and them the blame will land on me. no, she knows and sees my wounded humanness. she’s seen me struggle and my come back time and again. maybe that’s one of the reasons she sees me as one of my pillars.

by the way, as if their is any doubt, i like it.

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