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want to fill more isolated? try facebook or twitter

what does facebook and twitter do tot your mind?

a href=”https://www.cnet.com/news/the-more-youre-on-facebook-the-more-socially-isolated-you-feel/”>recent study</a>  has shown that using facebook to twitter leads to perceived feelings isolation. how bad? people who use facebook or twitter for 2 hours a day are 4 times as likely to have perceived isolation compared to people who use the 2 sites 30 minutes per day. in my world, this is a contributing factor for increased depression rates. too many times isolation and depression seem to walk down the isle hand in hand like new a husband and wife.

to bad the converse isn’t true. Considering that i spend  zero hours a day on facebook and twitter, i would never feel isolation. to that, all i gotta say is, “darn,” and “yea, right.” even without those wonderful outlets, i still struggle mightily with isolation. guess i’ll all have to find another way to beat back my isolation, like contact with real humans.

2 thoughts on “want to fill more isolated? try facebook or twitter

  1. bazzabaz

    I can attest to the isolation factor that Facebook gives you having been on there three times and each time after a while nuked my account as I found it overcluttered and people tend to focus too much on downright trivial matters. I firmly believe Facebook is damaging to not just mental health but communication in general as even good old face to face conversation is now ruined as they have to keep pausing to check their text or Facebook messages. I find it very rude. When I’m with someone, my phone goes into emergency mode since I’m there to spend time with that person, not keep checking my phone and distract myself. My friends refusing to follow my example when we meet in person… well… it caused extra strain and they’re now ex-friends because they refused to respect my feelings and thought I was being awkward for not wanting to play the Facebook game! I so miss the days before Facebook and text messaging existed… you could have epic conversations that lasted hours. Now, you might just start getting into something interesting, a “message” comes through, they’re distracted by it and the whole momentum of the conversation collapses. So, people don’t TALK to each other anymore like they used to, and then some wonder why the world keeps getting ever crazier…

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      i honor for getting off facebook. it came be like a vampire and suck away time and energy. i already have enough vampires, i don’t need to add on even more.

      i also honor for emergency mode when with a friends. my phone is on vibrate 24/7. sure, i lose the instantaneous response time, but i am a little less controlled (go word here) by my electronic devices. i can’t take the moral high ground since i spend too much time of my others electronic devices. vibrate is just one way i try to regain just a bit of that control.

      i also hear you on face2facetime. i would grab the url but for the fact i’d likely spend too much time with it and have less face2facetime. i wish someone would grab it and do it justice.

      I also hear you on f2f time interruptions. I will be doing a f2f and my phone will vibrate. often times a friend will look at me with at least some concern of their face, “aren’t you going to get that?” i’ll tell them i’ll get it later.

      i haven’t given up hope on f2ftime. I still have friends where i can have hour plus conversations. i see each interruption making the conversation a little more shallow. no interruptions means conversation go a little more in depth..

      in the words of rockies, “if i’s can change and you’s can change, everybody can change!”


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