blue boat getting away?

driving miss daisy

my friend had hip replacement surgery 2 weeks ago
she still is not driving
i offered to drive her to an appointment
i decided to dress up

remember the movie, driving miss daisy?
remember the chauffeur, holk colburn? played my morgan freeman?
i decided to dress up like him, or as close as i could on short notice.

the hat was easy-from our local vv thrift shop
the bow came from a local clothing store
i had always wanted a tying bow tie
i had never tied one

the appointment to the docs turned into a trip to the pharmacy
she decided she could just refill a script she had.

back to the tie

did you know the bow tie and a shoelace are tied in the same way?
that doesn’t make tying a bow easy
imagine tying your shoe around your neck
while looking in a mirror

after many youtube videos
and many many failed attempts
and just in time as it was time to go
damn, i wish i woulda shaved

the trip to the pharmacy had converted to a trip to Costco
my friend decided she had enough supply on hand
until she saw her pcp later this week

i arrived fully gussied
my friend saw me from a far
i had on a hat which i usually don’t wear
she wasn’t sure it was me
until a smile broke across her face
she recognized me and was glad i went the extra yard

we went to costco
she is of short stature-5’1″
that’s caused problems before
like when her recliner wouldn’t stay reclined because she wasn’t tall enough
this time it was the electric cart. we didn’t know why but
it often stopped every 5 feet
who knew why
until we left the store
there is a weight sensor in the seat
because of her shortness, she didn’t sit far enough back
without the weight, the cart would cut out

the afternoon included
more caring
love of the philia variety
a glimpse into the future
to what might be

it doesn’t happen often
knowing a friendship grew stronger in one afternoon
this was one of those times
all because driving miss daisy

2 thoughts on “driving miss daisy

  1. avaswan

    I loved that you dressed the part for Miss Daisy, you cracked me up with your story. But how very sweet of you for spending time and strengthening a friendship even more. I’m so glad you took a picture, you looked the part and the bow tie was done perfectly.


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