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a good problem to have

i’ve noticed I’m physically colder this year compared to last. Where t-shirt weather use to be 39°, it is now 45°. i’ve also noticed i’ve thrown on more clothes, sooner as the temperature keeps dropping. Do you think the 30 pounds, 2.1 stones for the brits out there, since this time last year, now weighing less than i did in by junior year in high school might be a contributing factor? i think it’s the layer of insulating fat that i lost.

a good problem to have.

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About bipolarsojourner

i have struggled with episodic depression for years. i then received a diagnosis of being bipolar, only to find out i didn’t. ends up my psychiatrist really meant to say that multiple bouts of depression are often best treated like bipolar. i had already started this blog as bipolar sojourner and didn't want to switch it over. i am documenting my journeys through my depression jungle.

7 thoughts on “a good problem to have

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      it primarily came from a combination of two things.

      1. switch to a more heavily base mediterranean diet. betty crocker online, remarkably wide and yummy selection of recipes. this is one of my favorites.

      2. nearly completely eliminate refined sugars, the white stuff, sugar substitutes, and no one’s good friend, high fructose corn syrup. check labels. best way to do this is to shop from the outer ring of the grocery store for unprocessed food. for the most part, when you go down the aisles, your screwed. just so i don’t feel deprived, i also give myself 2 cheats a week. for me, that would be like a soft serve yoghurt and a donut. (i’ve since learned donuts are evil and avoid them) another example would be like a candy bar and cupcake. i covet my cheats and use them wisely. i have 4 sugar holidays when moderate sugar consumption is allowed; my birthday, my wife’s birthday, valentine’s day and my anniversary. notice that excludes easter and christmas.

      rule 2 is kinda long rule, but i wanted to give you the whole flavor.

      note: this weight loss came without a concerted effort to exercise.

      1. manyofus1980

        A-ha, very good, good rules to I could manage them I think. I am trying to lose weight myself. It’s a hard slog. Nothing comes easy though I suppose 🙂🙂😉

        1. bipolarsojourner Post author

          for me, the sugar part took a little willpower, but i had given up on sugary drinks a while ago. did you there is about 12 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda . think about it; when’s that last time you put 12 teaspoons of sugar into any 12 oz drink? unbelievable. it only took myself about a month to wean myself from sugar.

          1. manyofus1980

            Yes I knew that. I don’t drink soda any more. I gave that up awhile ago. I don’t eat too much sugar no except for Watson fruit and occasionally a bar of chocolate or a bag of chips but not that often


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