return from lake 22


on an editorial note, this marks my 200 quote. make sure to congradulated me on persiverence.

…she never had dreams
so they never came true…

j. geils band

Lampi’ve heard these words hundreds of time before, since the release of freeze frame in 1981. frees frame, by j giels band was one of the few albums (albums, remember those? you know: vinyl) i had in high school. today, the words took on new meaning.

when depression gets deep and the suckitude increases to level too often seen, depression becomes like a thief in the night, clearing out a room in my mind or stealing other even more precious items, like the ability to dream. dreams become a memory of the way things use to be. as hard as i try, the ability to imagine a dream becomes an impossible task.

with dreams gone, how can they come true? they can’t. life becomes like a prison whose has no idea of release. no wonder so many like me in the depth depression struggle with despair.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfor the most part, thankfully the story does not end there. somehow a crack appears in the seemingly impermeable wall. somehow a thought of how life might look like after depression somehow implants itself in the mind. that implanted seed makes things that like a seemed impossiblity just a month ago now seems like them might be doable. with that, hope returns.

the leap from hope to dream seems less undaunting. i allow my mind to wander to how things might be outside this room of darkness. the room becomes just a little less dark and those very hopes slowly get converted into dreams. with that, as life becomes a little less dark, the lights of hopes and dreams, the absence of despair, begin to make life feel kind of normal again, and that is a good thing. here’s to good things.

6 thoughts on “dreams

  1. Ava Savage

    Wow 200 quotes is great! Your quote made me think, when was the last time I had a dream? I seem to be in limbo for quite awhile now. Hope your dreams come true. Hope you are doing good. Maybe I can think about what I want for the future. Your blog always makes people think. Keep the quotes coming.☺

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      thank you. in a strange way, it feels good to me missed. you and my loyal followers may fear i’ve fallen of the face of the earth. the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. i will try to get out an update to explain what is going in my mind because there have been serious developments.

        1. bipolarsojourner Post author

          yea, I got it. your second reply somehow got thrown into pending for some reason. that usually only happens the very first comments.

          thanks for the prayers; those are always helpful.

          have the post in my head. just need to get it to some virtual paper.


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