two things happened in 1985. well, probably many more than that, but i’m talking about as it pertains to this story. the kansas city royals won the world series and my good friend who is from kansas city, her grandpa, who i believe spend most of his life there, took his last breath. the royals pretty much had not had a sniff of the playoffs since then.

kc hatfast forward to last year. the royals made a deep run into the playoffs, losing the seventh and deciding game of the world series. my friend’s gramma, who also spent most of her life in kc, rooted hard, but not quite hard enough.

fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. my good friend flew to kc to say her last goodbyes to her gramma. a couple of days later, her gramma took her final breath.

perhaps, there is a chance for a husband and wife bookend, 1985 and this year as kc makes another run into the playoffs. 8 wins stands between them and the world series. in baseball parlance, that’s really not that many.

please join me in inspiring the royals to finish the bookend, and win one for gramma, #WOFG!

1 thought on “#WOFG

  1. ForgottenToo

    You’re one year off, it was ’85, but that’s fine. Yes and I really appreciate the sentiment. I deeply appreciate your friendship, especially lately as my mood has sunk quite a bit. Thanks for your support! 🙂


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