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mental disorders and mass shootings

john oliver brings sanity to thr discussion on mental disorders and their connection to mass shootings. did you know that the attempt at improving mental health care goes back to jfk in the early 60’s? i didn’t. crazy.

8 thoughts on “mental disorders and mass shootings

  1. emmagc75

    I love John Oliver n have since he was on Colbert show. He’s hysterical! But everything he said was true. It’s sad n wrong that these mass shooters get called mentally ill. Really not helping to destigmatize mental illness! And politicians don’t give a crap about it. They just want votes.

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      what I found surprising and sad is how the gun supporter seem to deny some sensible gun laws by simply saying, “ya’but, the mass shooter had a mental problem.” but, what about the nearly 100 gun deaths a day? since that is spread throughout the country, the significances disappear. imagine if the news blared every night, “there was yet another mass shooting tonight, 92 people died.” perhaps real change could begin.

      and if you believe this article, most of the gun deaths are suicides (60%), wouldn’t society be at least a wee bit better of one option could be taken off the table. i’m not saying this move would end suicides, just hoping to slow people down enough so the fog might clear.

      lifted from the article:

      another occurred in israel, where members of the military had a high suicide rate. in 2006, the army stopped letting soldiers take their service weapons home on weekends. the suicide rate fell there, too, by 40 percent.

      using the numbers from the article, the 40% reduction in suicides would bring the gun deaths by suicide to nearly on par and the gun deaths by homicides. at least that would be a start.

      1. emmagc75

        I agree. We do need change. What I found amazing was that a lot of these programs pay for themselves!?! Govt programs almost never do that! Why isn’t that being shouted from the rooftops?

  2. emmagc75

    Reblogged this on Emmagc75's Blog and commented:
    This is hysterical! It’s so rare that you can actually be educated on an important topic while laughing as hard as I did watching this! Great post my friend 🙂


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