and people want this guy to be president


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About bipolarsojourner

i have struggled with episodic depression for years. i then received a diagnosis of being bipolar, only to find out i didn’t. ends up my psychiatrist really meant to say that multiple bouts of depression are often best treated like bipolar. i had already started this blog as bipolar sojourner and didn't want to switch it over. i am documenting my journeys through my depression jungle.

5 thoughts on “and people want this guy to be president

  1. the-reluctant-parent

    which guy are you talking about to be president? I’m guessing it was a picture?

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      it’s a video of trump doing stuff like giving vincent mcmahon a hair cut. do you like I could get a constitutional amendment before the election that would disqualify any who has given vincent mcmahon a haircut from being the president.


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