ding dong the witch is dead?

if you are not up date on the happenings with my fence and neighbor, you might be appalled. there has been some further development since then. let me bring you up to date.

i’ve gone to calling my neighbor the wicked witch to the east, with her flock to flying monkeys. she seem to have an innate ability to turn updates and suggestion and supporting information and turn herself in a victim and a martyr and also attack, at the same time.

flying monkeys signSo, i sent her an email, telling her about the potential stain bleed. i gave her three options; i would clean up the stain immediately, she could clean it as she got to it, or some other option of her choice. I told her the first would be best since the stain would have less of a change of the stain to soak in. stain bleed could be a serious problem since I planned to use a dark stain and she planned to use a clear sealer. i sat back and waited for her reply, her next flock of flying monkeys.

a couple of days later, I received her answer. I opened it with much fear and trepidation because her earlier responses. as i read, it, i felt a kind hearted reply. she thanked me for the information, where previously she had admonished me for a similar flavor of information. and said she handle whatever happened on her side of the fence.

how could this women who took every opportunity to rip me to shreds last week, could be so kind to me this week. i quickly went to the line from wizard of oz, “are you a good witch? or a bad witch? which?” she had turned into glenda the good witch!

i mean, i should be happy; glenda doesn’t have any flying monkeys. i still face an uncertainty going forward which witch i’ll get. no matter what, i’ll still have to gird my loins in fear of her flying monkeys that she seems to have, at least sometimes.

da fencethe good news is i finished my side of the fence on friday, and on sunday, she let me know that she finished her side of the fence. she can live behind the security and privacy of her fence and I can be done with her, hopefully for a very long period of time.

so, it the witch dead? no, but i can return to by kansas and hopefully not have to interact with her for a the foreseeable future. thank god!

10 thoughts on “ding dong the witch is dead?

  1. lindenforestbrook

    I’m glad things got better with the neighbor! My neighbor is definitely a bad witch lol. Tell Glenda (your now good witch neighbor) to sprinkle some star dust for all the bad witches to turn into good ones 😉😆
    Fence looks good! 😎

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      thanks for the compliment. that is appreciated.

      thing is i’m not how must stardust she has. to be truthful, i’m not sure i want to find out. i fear that it is so little, she will soon be launch her next set of flying monkeys.

        1. bipolarsojourner Post author

          this would be my hope for you. or that you can find your kansas and be unaffected by the brew she stews. be strong in your battle. even though, i don’t have any stardust, i sent you my thoughts and wishes in your battle with your broomed neighbor.


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