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i hate mean neighbors

remember good fences make good neighbors? to recap, i completely paid for a new fence and one neighbor has given me nothing but grief each step of the way. i have tried to distance myself the best that I can and yet there are still two potential points of conflict and contention that lurk on the horizon.

the first being finishing our side of the fence. we are using an oil based stain which has the consistency of water, dark water mind you. i did a sample section of the fence and ran into three concerns any of which will send her ballistic. (1) great care will have to be taken so the stain doesn’t run over the top of the board, (2) the stain could leak through knots which are open enough and, (3) stain bleed through if there is enough gap between the boards. I can meticulously stain her section of the fence, yet I fear the smallest mistake will send her ape shit, yet again.

i also plan to put pavers under the fence to hopefully minimize wicking of the water from the bottom of the fence. i would like to straddle the fence line for better protection. she doesn’t want the pavers on her side of the fence so she has asked that the pavers not extend beyond her side of the fence board. the fence board itself is only a half-inch thick, so i even plan a quarter-inch set back, hopefully limiting her opportunity to complain. I fear that complain she will. she’ll simply look at the pavers and ever though they will not extend onto her side, she’ll defy the laws of mathematics and claim that they do. she’ll have another opportunity to go ape shit, yet again.

maybe i’m awfulizing, but her history indicates something different.

li feel a little how dorothy and her troop from the wizard of oz felt. even though they seldom saw their wicked witch, that constantly lived in fear of her. i have my own wicked witch to the east. i will currently live in fear of her and her next dispatch of flying monkeys.
The fear runs strong. I felt tired at 10:30, which is a rarity, came to bed and immediately started to worry/fear about her next response, what her next flock of flying monkeys will attempt to do. it nears 3:30 and still can not sleep. i know that she doesn’t deserve this power but her history as a bully frightens me.

until i finish this fence project, am able to splash water on her, click my heels together three times and return to my kansas, free from her evil domain, she will continue to hold way too much sway over me.

screw wicked witches! they suck! let’s burn them at the stake.

9 thoughts on “i hate mean neighbors

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      I totally and completely agree. her flying monkeys do much damage to me, so i’ll do whatever i can do to keep them grounded. it’s just a safety mechanism. due to her attitude she has displayed with this project and her over reaction to just about anything i say or do, i live in fear her next over reaction/attack.

  1. bazzabaz

    Neighbours have been a bane of my life and 2 years ago suffered a breakdown and had to move out because of them. On one side there was an Eminem freak who kept blasting out the same CD on a loop all hours of the day, then at night and in the early hours would engage in VERY NOISY sex with his girlfriend. On the other side was an alpha male bully who hated us feeding birds. He started a hate and bullying campaign against us that ran for several months simply because we fed birds and hedgehogs. He used to sneak into our garden and smash things up… his face when we pointed out to him during an argument that we had had to install CCTV to watch the garden! Though we triumphed, it left me feeling utterly destroyed and I broke down thanks to it.

    Now… no such problems thank goodness.

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      i am glad you have a happy place. that make life so much easier.

      for the most part, i have that, too. thankfully, we don’t have to listen to looped eminent. that might make me homicidal.

      we have been neighbors for about twenty years. at one time I would have called us at least friendly, if not friends. then, something poisoned the water hole. that has turned her into a bitter lady.

      thankfully now, most of the time i we don’t have to interact. working on something on a shared property line has caused her to relive all of her neighborly wounds and take them out on us with her full force, since they are all obviously our fault . hopefully, just one more week.

  2. brightonbipolar

    I have a particular set of skills….after many years of secret ninja training I’m now ready as a Lycra clad assassin. If you need your neighbour ‘Taken Care of’ feel free to employ my services…..but don’t tell anyone about my new skill set – us ninjas are sworn to secrecy – and I wouldn’t want to have to ‘Take Care of’ you 😮

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