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that’s our problem-we’re big brained

i read and article in the daily mail recently and new research shows a strong correlation between depression and big brains. pretty interesting if you ask me.

well, that’s not exactly what the research showed; i’m just trying to put depression and the people who face it into the best possible light. guilty as charged. the research did point to a correlation between inflammation of the brain and depression, though.

if this correlation holds true enough, there could be a complete new class of, god forbid, effective drugs with absolutely no side effect, what so ever . okay, the last part of that statement was a joke. you caught me.

on another note, if your depression has gone on long enough and you are at your wit’s end try eliminating the most common inflammation causing foods like sugar, refined grains, grain fed beef, dairy, tropical fruits and bad fats. i hear the screaming and gnashing of teeth as we speak, including mine, but if your desperate enough…perhaps that will lessen your bodily inflammation, bring down your brain’s inflammation. if the research holds true, just maybe you can leave depression in your rear view mirror.

11 thoughts on “that’s our problem-we’re big brained

  1. Deanne

    Thanks for sharing… Remember a alittle while ago we were talking about things seem to be looking up. The last few days I’ve been feeling kinda blue or just numb… I post pictures because I don’t feel like writing much lately…

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      self-care is a tricky beast. when self-care starts going downhill, it makes it harder to recognize any form of self-care. without self-care, life seems so difficult.

      make sure to not discount the self-care you are doing. when you said you haven’t written in two weeks and turned to photography, you seemed to be discounting photography. photography is a valid form of self-care; don’t discount it.

      by sharing your art, you open yourself up to vulnerably, after all, someone could say your art sucks. opening yourself like that shows great courage. btw, i’ve been enjoying your photos and presentation. i have marveled at some of your presentations like your color posts with different pictures displaying the prescribe dollar. I find those brilliant! another btw, I did a photo blog myself, before I dropped out

      additionally, you, in some form, keep contact with the world, beating back isolation. i dropped out of blogging for 15 months, a horrible case of isolation. isolation is one of the biggest sins because it makes us feel even more alone.

      so every attempt to not discount your self care you are doing has far more value than you recognize. the last breath of air you took is self care. keep recognizing the small self care you do; it will both keep you closer to mental wellness and make it possible to see the larger acts of self care as they start to happen.

  2. emmagc75

    I love the fact that you’re being positive and even joking lol. So why still writing without caps? Isn’t that for when you’re deep in the depression? Have a good day! Hugs xo

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      ya know, i’ve been internally debating that very subject for about a month now. my debate comes from two sides:

      one side: for instance, this post is still about depression and the effects of it. as a matter of fact 9 out of my last 10 word posts have been related to my depressive journey with the one exception being the near vertical take off of the 787.

      other side: the continued writing in no caps works as a kind of prison when i really want to be free.

      no matter the outward depressive state, there is still much work to beat my triggers of depression. The fear, anxieties, doubts, and uncertainties still remain. it is as if i’ve left by cell but i’m still in the on the cell block.

      no matter what, here’s to experiencing the blue skies of freedom sometime soon.

      1. emmagc75

        Yes I understand completely. Even when I’m not in a “deep depression” I still struggle daily. But you can experience it, discuss it and educate people while not being in the grips of it. In fact I’m a much better advocate of the disease when I’m not curled up in a ball crying for no reason. I vote for caps lol. Maybe you can write in italics 😉

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