mt rainier fron kendall catwalk hike

update-sisterly love

people who have been with me long enough will remember my run-in with my sister.she got upset when i suggested some ways she could help me while countering yet another suggestion for mindfulness. I have nothing against mindfulness, but i offered up other options that I thought would be more helpful and had been working to lift my mood. after brooding over it for a couple of weeks, i ran head-on to the thought of acceptance. almost immediately I got over the butt-headed response she gave.

IMG_0319fast forward to last friday morning. i received and email from my sister. she said was in town and she would be going up to mt. rainier on saturday and she welcomed Mary and i to join her.

later in the day, i related the happenings of the day to a friend. paraphrasing her response, she said, “that sounds like she wanted a clear conscience but not give you enough time to plan for it.” i replied,”my sentiments exactly!”

in consultation with Mary, we decided not to go. I sent her an email, so she wouldn’t have to worry about us showing up or not showing up. at least my sister coils go with a semi-clear conscience. sigh.

2 thoughts on “update-sisterly love

  1. Anxious Mom

    ugh gotta love family.

    “that sounds like she wanted a clear conscience but not give you enough time to plan for it”

    oh my goodness–that’s something I’ve always tried to put to words, but couldn’t. My dad will constantly call us about 15 minutes before going out to supper or just as they’ve pulled in somewhere to ask us to join them and the rest of the family. Uh, thanks, but…?


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