great blue heron

i would like to thank the academy-reprise

IMG_0320 well, i would like to thank depressionless from nominating me for the creative blogger award. thank you.





here arefive facts about me. 

1. my neutral buoyancy is about two feet deep. that makes if difficult for me to swim. not only to i have to swim forward, i also have to swim up. mary, who used to be on a swim team in high school, tried to give me swimming lessons. she started out with the request, “okay, float!” the human brick kicked in and i sunk.

2. i’ve done quilting. this the second quilt i ever did. oh, i made the frame, too.

a photo of my quilt og mt. rainier from summerland.

quilt of mount rainier from summerland.


3- i’m a freak for criminal minds. ion television feeds my binges three times a week, up to three hours at a time.

4- okay, anyone who has read my blog will know this; i suck at spelling and grammar. i’m just trying to get my message across and apologize if spelling and grammar gets in the way of hearing my message. part of the problem comes from the fact my mind moves about ten types faster than my fingers. on top of that, i find it difficult to proof my own work. when i proof, i read what i thought i wrote, not what i actually wrote.

5- i have never broke a bone in my life. okay, don’t tonya harding me. (wow, a personal noun as a verb; that’s an accomplishment! )

6-and just because i’m and overachiever, here’s number six. when my mind is on straight, i like to take photos. take a look at my walk with wonderment series. when i take photos, i try to take them with the wonderment of a four year old, where even a stick might be cool. also here is one of my recent favorites.

underneath a canopy at kubota gardens in south seattle.

underneath a canopy at kubota gardens in south seattle.










and here are my nominees:

shoe1000 has  been actively blogging longer than i. that says a lot since for the most part, many bloggers don’t last longer than three months. we’ve been at it over two years. a funny thing is we both dropped out of blogging due to the sometimes debilitating nature of depression and we came back to blogging at about the same time.

shrewed up faced stigmas that we all face daily when her supervisor told her that her posts where inappropriate. thankfully, she just changed the name of the blog and went on. she is a funny and caring woman. she even cares about people who can’t find ramen noodles in the grocery store ! 🙂


seedbud posts awesome pictures from her new england daily life. i feel in awe of just about every picture she posts.



one of my more recent follows. she produces thought provoking writing and poetry.
and for the people receiving nominations, here are the rules:

  • nominate blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • pass these rules onto them

13 thoughts on “i would like to thank the academy-reprise

  1. When the cat is away

    I just found your blog via Depressionless. I especially liked your post on alive versus living. I think that’s how I felt for a long time. Ok, the word “felt” is wrong, I didn’t feel anything. I’m slowly recovering and feeling much better nowadays.

    I’m just about fulfilling a big dream of mine: getting cats. I don’t get cats as antidepressants, but I hope they can have a positive impact on my mental health. That’s what my blog is about. You got some really cute dogs on your profile picture. When Easter is over, I’ll have a closer look at your blog – I’d be interested in reading about your pets and their impact on your mental health. I don’t have time to search for related posts right now, but I’ll do this later. If you haven’t written a post on that topic yet – would you be interested in sharing your experiences?

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      hey wtcw,

      they are mention throughout my many posts. i refer to my dogs as the boyz, that way it becomes less likely that people think there human. a google search of “boyz”

      There is a post titled a night camping with the boyz, which it the only post more or less dedicated to them.

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      i did. just think, when you pass on, and reach sainthood. you can be the patron saint of ramen noodle seekers! i’ll be able to say, from perch in heaven, not far from you, in the neighborhood reserved for those of us who struggled with depression in the earthly world, “i know her when…” :^)

      1. Shrewed Up

        Bahahahaha! I will definitely share this one with my family at Easter dinner. A friend of my parents, who is a priest, will be attending. Maybe he can put in a good word for me! Lol!

  2. Deanne

    Bipolarsojourner you’re the best. Sorry so late in responding. Thank you so much for the nomination. Love ❤

      1. Deanne

        I was away for alittle over 2 months. So I know I missed a lot of stuff. Thanks for being understanding…

            1. bipolarsojourner Post author

              scary to say, feeling better. after over two year of deep depression, i am hopeful but tempered. no recent med change to mess with my mind, but still don’t want to get to excited. rather not get slapped in a week or so. funny how depression is were the appearance of coming out of it can cause fear. sigh.

            2. Deanne

              I know that feeling… You don’t want to get excited too soon because you’re never really sure how far out the woods you are… It’s just just a matter of taking it one day at at time. Enjoy each moment and take it for what it is… That’s what I’ve learn… To live in each moment… Be happy when I’m happy and be sad when I’m sad but don’t dwell on either… Peace be still

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