purple berries…

i’d like to thank the academy…

okay, i don’t want to thank the academy, i would like to thank you, my readers. i passed a milestone today.

 my blog has existed for three years. the first year, I had 487 pairs of eyes on my blog, the second year i had 511 hits and officially this year,  517 views. that means i have another 3/4 of the years to pad my stats even further.
i  would like to thank Mart, my wife, deborah, my first writing mentor, my sister(I guess. hey, she gave me some hits), my mom and dad and most importantly to all my readers. without all your eyes on my blog, i  couldn’t be where i am today.
oh no, i  gotta go! i’m getting played off.
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About bipolarsojourner

i have struggled with episodic depression for years. i then received a diagnosis of being bipolar, only to find out i didn’t. ends up my psychiatrist really meant to say that multiple bouts of depression are often best treated like bipolar. i had already started this blog as bipolar sojourner and didn't want to switch it over. i am documenting my journeys through my depression jungle.

5 thoughts on “i’d like to thank the academy…

    1. bipolarsojourner Post author

      lol. 🙂

      and at this time I tell you that you are a world traveler. remember, in stats there is a wold map telling me what country my viewers come of from. you been to the us, uk, australia, germany, south africa, canada, singapore, india, belgium, pakistan and latvia. wait, i only had one view from latvia. that person probably has been my other view! 🙂

      1. Depressionless

        I just want to show off now, this is my countries in order of most views (this year):
        USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Pakistan, India, France, New Zealand, Singapore, Israel, Sweden, Lithuania, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Ireland, Gibraltar, Denmark, Philippines, Slovakia, Norway, Romania, Germany, Malaysia, UAE, Latvia, EU, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Croatia, Guyana, Estonia, Luxembourg, Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, Taiwan, Portugal, Seychelles, Barbados, Switzerland

        I think I’ve just beaten you there 🙂


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