return from lake 22

that one little label, that one little stereotype

I have been reading Brene Brown’s book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead. i am currently working my way through a chapter on shame.

as i parsed my way through the list on why people feel shame, i read the line, “because we are stereotyped or labeled.” with that, i had a new found understanding about my journey with my mental disorder, why i felt “”unclean”. i came to recognize with that one little line, through that one little label, that one little stereotype,  i had been thrown into a shame induced stupor.

and from my newly imparted wisdom from the chapter, my actions/reactions come into focus. one bit of wisdom is shame causes a disconnect. a second bit of wisdom is all humans desire connection.

that explains the crappy feeling i am experiencing right now. that explains why i feel unlovable. it all comes back to shame. all from one little label, one little stereotype.

that one little label, one little stereotype, has caused a disconnect. that disconnect has driven me further away from my primal desire to be connected. then to top it all off, the shame compounds itself because i feel bad and wrong for being further from the state of connectedness that i so desire. what a horrible place to be.

through this sharing, through this sign of vulnerability, i take a small step in rejecting the shame. i move closer to the connectedness i so desire.

it is now clear to me, i am on a journey back to a state of connectedness. this journey back will be long; i recognize the low state i am in, how shame has intertwined it’s way into my life. but as the saying goes, any thing worthwhile is worth working for. and through this journey, i hope to ignore the desire to pick up every hitch–hiker that sticks their thumb out to me, hoping for an easy ride, leaving shame along side the road a little more often.

5 thoughts on “that one little label, that one little stereotype

  1. shoe1000

    Wonder fully stated. I love Brene Brown. John Bradshaw, The people who say the “s” word. What I have learned on this journey is that when you say the “s” word, people’s defense mechanisms kick in. That is why I wont say that word on my blog. I would rather talk about all of the feelings that create it.
    What a great insight!!
    Thanks my friend.
    Keep on keeping on. Or as we used to say “Keep on Truckin.”

      1. shoe1000

        I tried to add it here as a pic, but it wouldnt let me. Look at the bottom of my blog about suicide rates i just posted. Thats the one I remember from “those” days.

  2. M. Devin Fernandes

    I’m just about to start on the same book. Hope I get as much from it as you seem to be!


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